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Discover in detail all our demineralised water.
Ultrapure Water, Ultrapure Sterile, HPLC, Purified Water F.U.


Cutting & Packaging

Idrochimica Srl proposes its waters in various solutions of cuts and packaging in order to soiddisfare the greatest number of requirements and usage.


Area Of Use

There are countless fields of use in which the wet chemical products can be employed. See the complete list in the section.



On the market for over 50 years, Idrochimica has always worked exclusively in the production of demineralized water. The long experience and the commitment to continuous technological improvement brought Idrochimica to the level of excellence in this sector. We are able to produce all types of purity of demineralized water, from the water type needed for water batteries till the one for trace analysis.

Our goal is to satisfy our customer by providing a high quality product at a competitive price. The continuous control carried out in a systematic and consistent manner, during the entire production cycle, is intended to achieve an absolute quality which assures the total removal of the bacteria present in the water, and the maximum control of electrical conductivity.

Our method includes:

Supervision and control in line with the values of TOC conductivity, resistivity and Ph.

Usage of activated carbon filters.

Microfiltration down to 0.2 micron.

Disinfection through UV rays.

Tanks processed with ozone system.

To confirm the great caution we take to invest in the quality research, our waters are constantly monitored by analytical laboratories and external certificates.
On request, we issue a certificate of conformity relating to a given production batch.

In 2011 our company took another important step, namely obtaining the ISO9001:2008.